Arrowtown has a Winery and a Cheesery. Now, a Dishery. The Dishery Restaurant Arrowtown.... is a place of many dishes - serving good food to be enjoyed with loved ones in stunning surroundings with beautiful wine and cocktails.

Owned and operated by locals Scott and Emily Stevens, The Dishery is bistro dining at its best with a menu lovingly designed by executive chef Ainsley-Rose Thompson and served from 8am to 3pm (winter hours). Come for breakfast, brunch, lunch or grazing inbetween.  We specialise in locally sourced ethical fresh food, cocktails and wine in a garden seating adjacent to the beautiful Arrow River Reserve. Our restaurant suppliers are the very best that the south of the south and New Zealand has to offer. Find out more about them HERE.


In 2021 after being open for only 5 months, we were thrilled to be named as a finalist in the Queenstown Hospitality Awards for Outstanding Regional Establishment & Outstanding Chef.


Since the 1860s, the Dudley’s Cottage Precinct located next to the Historic Chinese Settlement, where The Dishery is situated, has been a hive of social activity. Hungry and thirsty gold miners came down from the Arrow Gorge goldfields to the edge of Arrowtown to trade their gold finds for basic human comforts. Food, drink, shelter, warmth, companionship. Back in those days, the pan you worked the goldfields with was also the dish you ate from. In fact a gold pan was simply called a dish. The most valued of possessions.


The Dishery Arrowtown just might be the utopia those early adventurers were seeking.....

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